Environmental Issues we face in the next Decade

Our world is extremely precious and we must do what we can to protect it and ensure that the human race survives. As the world’s population has grown, and technology has advanced, we have put an increasing strain on our environment, and we have caused much damage to our planet. We pollute our oceans and atmosphere, we destroy natural environments, and we mine resources until they are depleted. Issues such as

Global Warming and Climate Change: Is it Real?

The global warming and climate change debate is one of the great sagas of our time. No other topic has been as widely debated and has created such polarizing views in the history of mankind. The potential magnitude of this subject is impossible to ignore and the consequences could affect the human race and our very existence.

Some people believe ardently that global warming is real, and that climate change is a threat that cannot be ignored. Others, however, believe that the notion of global warming is a

The Rise of Electric Cars – The Move Away from Fossil Fuels

Since the first automobile was created in the early 1900’s, the main source of fuel has been fossil fuels i.e. petrol and diesel. This is a tried and tested fuelling method and it has proven effective to power our vehicles for decades. Vehicles have been created with technology to burn fossil fuels to generate power and this has been the norm.

In the last decade, however, we have witnessed a gradual change and a shift towards an alternative source of fuel – electricity. Many automobile companies are now creating hybrid and