How Porn Hurts the Environment?

If you think of the environment in a traditional sense, it can be hard to believe that pornography hurts it. After all, it’s people having sex, and how can that cause damage to plant life? However, the environment doesn’t necessarily relate only to nature. The environment refers to the surroundings or conditions in which a person, plant, or animal operates. Therefore, there are actually several ways in which porn hurts the environment. Only, not in a traditional sense.

It Affects Our Brains

If someone told you that your brain would change as a result of you watching porn, you’re bound to think they’re insane. After all, it’s a secret pleasure, and surely doesn’t cause health problems, does it? According to a German study by Jama Psychiatry on porn consumption and brain structure, there is every reason to believe areas of your brain can shrink with frequent free porn watching. In the study, several men watched porn on a regular basis and the result of which was a smaller volume of gray matter in the brain. What’s more, the reward response area of the brain was significantly smaller as well.

From this notable difference, scientists worked out that porn can affect your brain’s neural response. You feel pleasure, you want to repeat that pleasure, and eventually, your brain becomes accustomed to it and requires more of that same pleasure to get the same response.


We View Women and Sex in a Different Way

There has always been a debate about whether watching porn on a regular basis can change your perception of sex and women, but it’s undeniably true. Researchers at the University of Amsterdam analyzed a large number of porn videos from as far back as 2013, looking for how both men and women were portrayed within them. Women, more often than not, were made to be submissive, while being used as “instruments” in both amateur and professional porn.

In many cases, frequent porn watchers begin to want to act out what they see in the videos, no longer satisfied with “real” sex. By doing so, however, two problems become evident. Firstly, there’s a higher risk that men begin to see women as objects, and secondly, women start to feel like they’re purely an object, lowering their self-esteem. While, of course, this isn’t going to be the case for every relationship where either both or one person watches porn, but it’s a worrying problem nonetheless. In fact, hook-up apps are only adding to the issue.


Discrimination Against Women

A significant amount of porn online discriminates against women in a number of ways. The more people that watch this type of porn on a regular basis, the more likely it is to become normalized – something that can be quite dangerous. Porn makes women only about their sexual organs. They become objects of pleasure rather than people, and the ultimate goal is to use their sexual organs. What’s more, choking, hitting, slapping, spitting, and spanking all become commonplace in porn, normalizing what would typically, in the real world, be classed as abuse.

What’s more, some of the acts carried out portray the man as the dominant figure, and the woman a mere submissive character only worth humiliation and dehumanization. This is often shown through being thrown around, slapped, and even ejaculated on. Equality and respect, what women would prefer in the real world, is very rarely offered in porn.


Changes Real World Expectations

Believe it or not, sometimes when a pizza man or a plumber arrives at your door, he doesn’t want to have sex with you. Instead, he wants to deliver your pizza or fix your plumbing. What’s more, not every woman is perfectly formed with fake breasts, glowing tan and not a body hair in sight. And, not every woman wants to tear a man’s clothes off as soon as she sees him.

The more frequently someone watches porn, the higher the risk of focusing on self-satisfaction as opposed to real-life respect for women and people. People become objects because that’s how porn can often depict them. Therefore, there’s a higher risk of the watcher becoming self-indulgent, selfish, and even disrespectful both in everyday interactions and the bedroom.

At face value, it’s hard to believe that porn can hurt the environment, but it’s a genuine risk associated with frequent viewing. While there’s no denying pornography has become a part of everyday life, it’s something people have to be wary about watching. What’s more, it’s crucial to know the difference between a movie and real-life scenarios.