Environmental Issues we Face in the next Decade

Our world is extremely precious and we must do what we can to protect it and ensure that the human race survives. As the world’s population has grown, and technology has advanced, we have put an increasing strain on our environment, and we have caused much damage to our planet. We pollute our oceans and atmosphere, we destroy natural environments, and we mine resources until they are depleted. Issues such as these must be addressed and we must look to the next decade to see what environmental problems we could face:

Increased strain on the world’s natural resources

As mentioned, we are rapidly depleting our world’s natural resources – we have extensively mined precious materials such as gold, silver, and other ores, and we have also used huge amounts of oil and gas. These resources are limited – once they are gone, they are gone. Attention must be turned to renewable resources and sources of energy and we must also invest greatly in recycling.

Increase in sea level could permanently flood cities

In the last century, the world’s sea levels have risen by 8 inches – this is quite a considerable amount considering the scale and size of our oceans. This can be attributed to global warming and factors such as the shrinking of the polar ice sheets. If this rise continues, low-lying land and islands could experience increased flooding and even become totally submerged in the future.

Reduction in the availability of clean water

Clean water is one of the most precious resources we have in the world. There is an ongoing battle for water and it is becoming both a political and monetary nightmare. As we are aware, many third world countries do not have a regular clean water supply and citizens are often reduced to drinking polluted water. This situation will only worsen as time progresses and the global water distribution must be looked at.

Continuing of deforestation

Our planet is covered in mighty forests and these natural areas are vital for our survival. As you know, trees produce oxygen and distribute it into our atmosphere. Wood, unfortunately, is a prime material and we still continue to cut down huge swathes of forest every year. We cannot continue to recklessly destroy these natural habitats as it could cause long-lasting effects in the next 10 years.

Loss of biodiversity and endangered species

To build upon deforestation, we are also causing our world to have reduced biodiversity. As the human population continues to increase, we are destroying many different natural habitats and reducing the living space for animals. This, in turn, can have an effect on endangered species who rely on these habitats to survive. In the next decade, we could see many more habitats destroyed, and a plethora of species disappear from the world indefinitely.

These are just a few of the environmental issue we face in the next decade and there are many more. The important thing now for the world to consider is how to address these issues, and how to stem the damage we are causing to our planet.

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