Global Warming and Climate Change: Is it Real?

The global warming and climate change debate is one of the great sagas of our time. No other topic has been as widely debated and has created such polarizing views in the history of mankind. The potential magnitude of this subject is impossible to ignore and the consequences could affect the human race and our very existence.

Some people believe ardently that global warming is real, and that climate change is a threat that cannot be ignored. Others, however, believe that the notion of global warming is a fanciful fabrication and that we have nothing to worry about. This article looks at the validity of global warming, and what it could mean for the future of our planet.

What evidence is there to support the theory of global warming and climate change?

In reality, there is no denying that global warming is real. Those who continue to deny this phenomenon are simply fighting a losing battle. You can find a plethora of stats and facts around the world that clearly show that the temperature of our planet is rising. If you look at the Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index, for example, you can see that the average earth’s temperature has actually risen by more than 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last 100 years.

Furthermore, scientists have studied such things as forests, oceans and even pollen to look at past trends and to confirm that indeed the earth’s temperature was cooler throughout history. Aside from actual temperatures, scientists have drilled into the Earth’s ice sheets to retrieve trapped bubbles of our atmosphere from thousands of years ago. These snippets of the past have shown that our atmosphere now has an increased level of greenhouse gases which is contributing to the heating up of our planet. The following are some of the main pockets of evidence that support the theory of global warming:

– Global temperature rise
– Warming oceans
– Shrinking ice sheets
– Gradual retreat of glaciers
– A decrease in snow cover
– A decline in Arctic sea ice
– Recording of extreme weather/temperature events

How can so much evidence point to something that is a fabrication? If we look at some of the individual examples we can see just how serious global warming has become. Firstly, various large ice sheets around the world are shrinking in size – this is most evident in Greenland and Antarctica. Statistics show that ice loss in Antarctica has tripled in the last decade.

Secondly, in the last century alone, our global sea levels have actually risen by 8 inches. This might not seem a large amount, but to put that into perspective, this increase is nearly double that of the previous century.

As you can see, global warming is certainly real. The evidence is undeniable and ever-increasing. The time is now to put any aspersions behind and look to the future of our planet. We know that global warming is real, so how can we tackle this issue and how can we stem any long-lasting damage we may cause to our planet?

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