How to Meet Women in Manila

The Filipino capital of Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. When young Manilans want to chill out after work, they go to one of the city’s many malls, where they play bowling, watch movies, or relax over a cup of aromatic coffee. At night, they hang out at the city’s numerous bars, eateries, and nightclubs.

Because the city offers all sorts of exciting things to do and places to go in the day and at night, it should not be difficult to meet women in Manila. Here are a few tips to make your game more successful.

1. Be mobile

If you’re out in Manila looking for a date, you have to be mobile. Driving in the city’s overcrowded streets is a nightmare, so renting a car is not an option. You’d better rent a scooter for two. You see, if you are suave and smile a lot, you should not have any problems attracting the interest of a beautiful Manila girl. However, a scooter will let you quickly take her to a quiet and romantic place where your conversation will be a lot easier.

2. Places to meet women at night

If you are a night owl, you should go to different places where nice, independent, and hardworking Manila women go in their free time. Manila’s Makati District is the financial capital of the city, but it is also famous for its nightclubs like the Bé LOW Club or Royal Club, where you can meet attractive girls with a natural sense of humor.

3. Places to meet women in the day

If you are an early bird, you can go jogging in La Mesa Ecopark in Manila’s Quezon City. The girls you may meet there will certainly be sharing your passion for early morning jogs. From there, you can take your new date to one of the city’s numerous coffee shops that open at around 8 am every day. You two can hop on your scooter and go to Commune in Makati district – one of Manila’s best coffee shops.

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