The Rise of Electric Cars – The Move Away from Fossil Fuels

Since the first automobile was created in the early 1900’s, the main source of fuel has been fossil fuels i.e. petrol and diesel. This is a tried and tested fuelling method and it has proven effective to power our vehicles for decades. Vehicles have been created with technology to burn fossil fuels to generate power and this has been the norm.

In the last decade, however, we have witnessed a gradual change and a shift towards an alternative source of fuel – electricity. Many automobile companies are now creating hybrid and electric cars that no longer rely on fossil fuels. This article looks at why this is happening, and what technology is already available in the market today.

Why are electric cars the future of automation?

As we all know, fossil fuels are harmful to our environment and atmosphere. More specifically, the burning of fossil fuels causes damage to our atmosphere and releases harmful greenhouses gases that in turn can contribute to global warming. For decades, fossil fuels have been our main source of power and we have relied heavily on this non-renewable source for practically every industry, including automobile.

If we continue to create vehicles that are powered by fossil fuels, we will continue to damage our environment. Furthermore, we will continue to exhaust our reserves of fossil fuels and eventually shortages will occur which could even result in a global energy crisis. The time is now to move away from fossil fuel powered vehicles and move towards electric alternatives. By creating electric cars, we can reduce the number of fossil fuels burnt, and hopefully lessen the environmental impact our vehicles are having on our planet.

As the number of vehicles on our roads increases year after year, and pollution becomes an issue in large cities such as Los Angeles and Shanghai, electric vehicles are becoming an absolute must.

What electric car models can we already purchase today?

Many car manufacturers have already created electric vehicles and this technology is steadily gaining traction in the automotive industry. In decades past, electric cars were just a pipe dream and the technology was crude and impractical. In today’s modern world, however, electrically powered vehicle technology has improved immensely. The method of charging an electric car has improved, and the mechanics and build of the cars themselves have also developed in leaps and bounds. The below are some examples of electric cars that you can actually purchase today:

– Nissan Leaf (First mass-market electric car)
– Hyundai Ioniq (Available in both hybrid and full electric)
– Tesla Model S (landmark electric car featuring fantastic technology)
– Volkswagen E-Golf (basically a Golf but with electric technology)
– BMW i3 (Fantastic electric city car with great running costs)

These are just a few examples but as you can see, the automotive industry is already pushing the development of electric cars. In the future we can expect this trend to continue and eventually, as the technology is refined and becomes cheaper, we should see fossil fuel vehicles phased out completely.

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